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Dear Night on Fic Mountain Writer,

Wishing you well! This my first time participating, and I'm very excited!

General Likes

-Strong/determined/competent characters

-Characters being badass

-Characters surprising other people with their talents/competence

-Iron woobie/determinator who refuses to quit no matter what kind of horrible stuff life throws at them

-Characters turning the tables on someone who's trying to trick them

-Characters fighting for and earning their happy ending,



-Pushing forward through/after a trauma

-Characters being put through secret tests of trust and passing them

-Characters making enormous personal sacrifices to save others

-Characters being recognized for their accomplishments

-Characters revealing hidden pasts/traits/skills,

-Characters offering compassion/reassurance to those who need it


-Size kink (of massive cock type)

-First times/loss of virginity

-Reassuring and gentle dominant partner

-Bottom partner being shy/reluctant

-Nipple play






-Bi erasure**

-Issue fic



-Irreparable harm to characters with no chance/hope of recovery

*I know homophobia/biphobia would/does exist in some of these canons, but I would vastly prefer if you just took the route where homophobia/biphobia is completely a non-issue and is just as readily accepted as heterosexual relationships.

**To expand on my thoughts about bi erasure, I would prefer that if you are writing a same-sex pairing where one or both of the characters was presented with heterosexual inclinations in canon (ie, interest in the opposite sex, opposite sex love interest, etc.) that they be presented in the fic as bisexual rather than gay.

The Trixie Belden Mysteries (Books)


Just for reference, I see Dan being fifteen in canon (his age was never truly given) and Jim being seventeen (his age was inconsistent). I also picture Dan’s loss of his parents to be within less than a year of himself coming to Sleepyside, rather than when he was younger.

Fandom specific DNWs

Emphasis on Dan’s criminal past***, Jim/Trixie, Mart/Diana, Brian/Honey.

Dan Mangan/Jim Frayne

I would just love to see some Dan hurt/comfort. I know it might seem ridiculous, but any of the typical hurt/comfort tropes are fine with me. Maybe Dan gets beat up pretty badly as a result of Trixie’s detective work, or worse, sexually assaulted, and Jim has to comfort him. Or I’d love to see a fic with Jim bringing Dan out of his shell and just letting him know he’s safe around them. Or maybe Luke from Black Jacket Mystery was really Dan’s abusive boyfriend and Jim finds out once he starts trying to woo Dan? Perhaps Dan develops an eating disorder because of all the intense stress he’s been through, and Jim tries to help him through it?

Dan Mangan

Anything hurt/comfort for Dan, really. I would love it so much. I’d also like a fic about Regan trying to bond with his nephew.

Another idea is to have the various residents of Glen Road dubious/suspicious of Dan, but then him show them that he’s actually a really good guy. If you want to do a five times plus one fic or something similar about the times he helped other people and one time someone helped him, that would be terrific.

***One thing I ask you not to include is a heavy emphasis on Dan’s history as a gang member. I just feel like it’s done before, and I’d prefer a story that focuses on Dan healing, not one that ruminates on all the wrongs he’s done.

Dot Murray

What I want is a positive story about Dot Murray. I’d totally be down for a romance between Dot and any one of the BWGs. Do she and Jim meet up at college and start going steady? Is Dot the sultry singer in a slinky gown, stretched out on the piano and belting out torch songs, at the smoky nightclub where noir detective!Trixie goes to investigate? Dot and Dan are both talented ice-skaters, so do they have a romance on ice? Maybe they’re older and the setup is that Dot is an Olympic figure skater with Brian as her doctor, or Honey as her seamstress? Maybe an AU Diana is a fashion photographer whose big break is discovering Dot as a model, or where Dot’s a superhero who has serious chemistry with investigative reporter!Mart? Anything goes!

G.I. Joe Cartoon


So, I know Duke basically died in the movie, but I’d really prefer to ignore that. Actually, if you like, feel free to ignore the movie entirely.

I know it’s canon that Falcon often screws up and goofs off, but I’d really prefer any fic about him to portray him as a talented agent and someone who takes his job seriously and does it well.

I’m a hurt/comfort junkie, so feel free to use any hurt/comfort tropes you like for Falcon, as long as he’s able to recover from his injuries.

Fandom specific DNWs

Duke’s death, Falcon currently using drugs

Duke & Falcon

If you’d like to go in a humor/crack direction, I really love the idea of Duke being an overprotective older brother, sort of like Thor and Loki in this MCU fic, and Falcon tolerating it but also sometimes becoming exasperated with Duke’s antics.

Similarly, maybe you would like to a fic about five times one of the Joes found Falcon hot but was too intimidated by Duke to make a move, and the one time a Joe got the nerve to ask Falcon out? I really like the idea of endgame Beach Head/Falcon or Dusty/Falcon, but feel free to use another one of the Joes as the guy Falcon ends up dating.

If you want to do a type of origin story for Falcon in lieu of the movie events, I think it would be cool if Falcon joined the Joes to prove himself to Duke, but to prevent Duke from interfering, completed his initial training to be accepted into the Joes with Sergeant Slaughter and the Renegades rather than with Beach Head. What’s Duke’s reaction when his little brother unexpectedly shows up as a Joe?

I’m also down for any type of hurt/comfort between Duke and Falcon (as long as Falcon is able to recover from his injuries), with Falcon being hurt and Duke giving comfort.

I really like the idea of Falcon being Duke’s unofficial and silent support assistant within the Joes, who goes the extra mile to ensure things run smoothly. I would love a fic where a visiting general comes along and the Joes need his approval to secure new funds or to continue operating, and the guy propositions Falcon, who agrees as long as the Joes get what they need in return. Duke then finds out and freaks out about it. Falcon feels guilty and ashamed, but he is also convinced he did the right thing to help the Joes.

If you’d like to use an angsty backstory for Falcon, I thought of this plot where he gets into drugs at 17/18 years old and becomes involved with the Headman, and, unbeknownst to his family, prostitutes himself for drugs or drug money. The Headman can either be his pimp, or just the abusive boyfriend he’s only staying with to score drugs. Sergeant Slaughter finds Falcon, helps him straighten out, and then brings him into the Renegades. Years later, these events revealed to Duke, who had no knowledge of the situation. I think it would be interesting for Duke to discover all of this and react to a scenario he was unaware of where his little brother was regularly endangered, but it’s been solved for years, so there’s nothing he can do. How do he and Falcon work through that?

I’d also be really eager for a fic with Falcon showing off his skills and proving his competence and gaining admiration from the other Joes, while Duke is forced to realize his baby brother isn’t a kid anymore.

Scarlett & Falcon

I love the idea of these two meeting after Scarlett has already been dating Duke for a while, and instantly hating each other, while Duke is totally oblivious. They would definitely make an effort to keep their antipathy from him, but that means they have to pretend to like each other when Duke invites them out to brunch or for a day out hiking, or whatever. A fic idea would be the two of them having to put aside their differences to rescue Duke from a dire situation.

Beach Head/Falcon

This is a crack pairing if there ever was one, but I love it nonetheless. If you want it go with the idea of Sergeant Slaughter training Falcon before the latter is formally inducted into the Joes (See: General), I can see Beach Head initially being super unimpressed with Falcon and acting very harsh toward him. A fic I’d love to see is Falcon proving himself to Beach Head and the Joes, and Beach Head very grudgingly becoming impressed and then realizing he’s falling for Falcon.

If you’d like to write a mission fic, I would love to see Falcon and Beach Head needing to go undercover as a couple. I can picture Beach Head being really pissed that he’s working with Falcon, but then Falcon’s coolness under pressure and skills and talents impress him enough to start a romance.

Bottom!Falcon if there’s sex, please.


Another crack pairing, but I think Dusty is a really sweet and nice guy, and I’m curious to see how a relationship between him and Falcon would work. Feel free to use any of the previous ideas I mentioned in this fandom section, but I would also be up for Dusty and Falcon being stranded/taken captive together, and then Dusty confessing his feelings for him.

Bottom!Falcon if there’s sex, please.

Archie Comics (Comics)


This is one of my favorite Reggie moments.

I’ve tried to devise specific prompts for each pairing just to give you an idea about what I like about each relationship, but feel free to mix and match the prompts for whatever characters. You want to write about Kevin convincing Jughead to join the yearbook staff with him? Please do! You want to write a Reggie/Kevin superhero AU? Go right ahead; I’ll be eager to read.

I really like it when Veronica and Reggie (especially Reggie) show their softer side. I see Reggie more as a sarcastic, cynical guy than a legitimate jerk, but there's no denying he can have a nasty streak sometimes. I love Kevin being class president and a member of the debate team, and I love Betty and her various community projects—my favorite stories are the ones where she teams up with Ronnie or corrals her into helping her.

By no means do you have to write smut for any of these, but if there's sex, I'd like bottom!Kevin, please.

Fandom specific DNWs

Any type of plot involving homophobia where Kevin is concerned, character elements exclusive to the 2015 Archie Comics reboot or Jughead (2015) series.

Kevin Keller & Colonel Tom Keller

I’m fine with anything that spotlights the strong father-son bond between these two and emphasizes how proud Tom is of Kevin, but I also like a dash of hurt/comfort. Maybe Tom sees how Kevin’s running himself ragged with his various school activities (student government, school newspaper, track team, etc.) and insists that Kevin take a day off so he can relax?

I love protective!Tom in regards to Kevin, so if you like, feel free to do a fic where Kevin is hurt or in danger or lost in the wilderness, and Tom is worried about him from elsewhere, or he’s there taking care of Kevin.

An idea I had is a fic where Tom doesn’t approve of Kevin’s boyfriend (either for a silly reason, like they support rival football teams, or a legitimate reason, like honestly believing the guy is a bad influence on Kevin), and Kevin has to help his boyfriend win his dad’s approval. Or you could do a five times plus one fic where Tom didn’t approve of the boy Kevin brought home, and the one time he did. Or maybe Kevin invites the unapproved boyfriend along for a family vacation, forcing Tom to put up with him, only for the boyfriend to prove he’s really a good guy? (He sees the guy helping out with Kevin’s younger sisters, comforting Kevin when he needs it most, etc.)

Endgame pairings I enjoy are Reggie/Kevin or Jughead/Kevin, but feel free to use another guy if you’d like.

If you want to go for awkwardness/humor, maybe five times Tom walked in on Kevin with his boyfriend gettin’ busy, and the one time he walked in on them being innocent? Bottom!Kevin if there’s any sex, please.

If you want to go for angsty, what is Tom thinking when he gets news of Kevin being wounded and paralyzed as a result of combat in Iraq during Life With Archie?

But if you want to go for sweet, maybe you could do a fic about what Tom is thinking when Kevin marries Clay in Life With Archie?

Reggie Mantle/Kevin Keller, Reggie Mantle & Kevin Keller

I just love this page of Reggie helping Kevin choose outfits for a first date. Maybe a fic where he drags Kevin shopping with him, which Kevin good-naturedly puts up with?

I really want to see a fic with these two bonding. Maybe Kevin opens up to Reggie about the difficulties of moving all over the world all the time, and Reggie tells him how hard it is to have his parents gone all the time?

I'd like to see Reggie meeting Kevin, and Kevin just being his friendly self, which brings Reggie to fall for him. Maybe it's a gradual thing—Kevin was handsome enough for Veronica to fall for him right away, but maybe it takes sometime for Reggie to realize his feelings. I really like the idea of Kevin becoming involved in all sorts of extracurriculars, and Reggie signing up for them, too, as he realizes he wants to be around Kevin. Since Kevin's new in town, I think he'd be more willing than anyone to give Reggie a chance. If you read Kevin's origin issues, Kevin befriended one of the kids he used to be bullied by and helped him into a better home situation—he's just a really nice guy that I can see Reggie letting his guard down around without fear of looking weak or making himself vulnerable.

Or maybe a fic of Kevin dragging Reggie along to his various clubs and meetings, and Reggie pretends to dislike it, but secretly is glad for the companionship?

If you like, you could take inspiration from the comics’ canon fairytale AUs and place Reggie and Kevin in a fantasy setting. I would them as two knights on a quest, or for Kevin to be in the role of Snow White or Cinderella (instead of be stuck doing housework, he’s always moving away) with Reggie as Prince (maybe-not-so) Charming.

Jughead Jones/Kevin Keller

Specific DNW

I realize the Jughead 2015 series presents Jughead as asexual, but I’m not particularly interested in receiving a fic focusing on this characterization.

I think these two are really sweet together. I love the contrast between their personalities, and I’d love a fic that emphasized Kevin as the ultimate overachiever and Jughead as laidback and not at all bothered by anything. I can easily see Kevin becoming super stressed and running himself ragged with being involved in his various activities. Maybe Jughead does something nice to relax him, like plan a picnic or take him to the amusement park? Perhaps he cares for Kevin so much that he’s even willing to ask a favor from Veronica to help Kevin, and uses her influence to take Kevin to a fun concert or similar? Or maybe Jughead just does something to show Kevin he doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time?

Another idea is just to have other citizens of Riverdale commenting on the unlikeliness of the pairing while Kevin and Jughead have fun together. I love little bits and cameos from the various Archie characters throughout the decades.

Fantastic Four (Movies 2005-2007)

Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

Feel free to pull any backstory or general info from the comics that you want, as I love the comics, too.

I’d love a fic where Johnny proves he how much he loves Ben and that’s he not shallow. Maybe Ben worries about hurting Johnny with his size/strength, and Johnny reassures him? Maybe Ben is worried about hurting Johnny during sex, and Johnny demonstrates just how much he wants Ben? Maybe after they announce their relationship, some rude journalist is needling Johnny during an interview about dating someone as “below his level” as Ben, but Johnny absolutely shuts them down?

Alternatively, Ben and Johnny raising children together and just doing married couple things? Or Johnny gets pregnant and is pretty relaxed about the whole thing, but Ben is super protective?

Also, if you want to give Sue or Reed’s perspective on the relationship, go ahead. I imagine both would be pretty relieved that Ben found happiness with someone and that Johnny is with someone responsible and dependable.

Feel free to write smut for this pairing, but by no means do you have to.

New Teen Titans (Comics)


If you’d like to read about the history Gar’s character, or that of the various Terras, I found a very long and detailed analysis here.

Gar Logan is definitely my favorite DC character of all time. One recurring theme in later comics books and adaptations that continually frustrates me is when Gar is shown as incompetent, completely lame, or a total joke to make other heroes look more cool. I’d really like to have a fic where Gar’s leadership and/or strategy abilities are emphasized, as well as his kindness and generosity.

If you want to write Gar as being able to shift into a regular person/regular animals, please feel free.

I loved his characterization in Wolfman and Perez’s New Teen Titans: he runs his father’s company in his absence, he’s still traumatized from losing the Doom Patrol, he falls for Terra only to be betrayed by her, and then his pain from losing her is resurrected when Terra II comes along. I like that as friendly as he seems, he still has a dark side, as seen when he kills Madame Rouge and attempts to kill Slade Wilson. I also liked that Slade was sort of Gar’s mentor for a while.

Bottom!Gar if there’s sex, please!

Fandom specific DNWs

Beast Boy/Raven, Damian Wayne

Gar Logan

During the Darkening plotline in the 90’s, evil!Raven raped Gar and brainwashed him into being evil. Maybe write a story where Gar is recovering from his rape with the help of his friends and teammates?

Gar is a character who I feel is often unfairly stereotyped and dismissed. Possibly a five times fic where a hero or villain underestimated Gar, only to have him prove them wrong? Or if you just want to have Gar interacting with other heroes and solving crises, that would be wonderful!

I would love a fic with Gar proving his competence to people, always being the team member with a plan, or simply being the supportive figure other characters can go to with their problems. I would love something with Gar cementing his badassness to the rest of the team.

At the beginning of New Teen Titans, Gar is a young teen (sixteen years old, and the youngest on the team) who has gone through enormous trauma. Maybe a fic with him working through the major changes in his life and coping with his resulting issues?

An AU where Gar is working for the bad guys, either through brainwashing, desperation, or being forced into it, and then helping save the world (or similar) during a crisis and being welcomed to the team.

I enjoy characters with dark pasts or inner turmoil, and I also like villains having a fascination for heroes. Maybe a villain is trying to sway or tempt Gar to the dark side, or something happens that Gar’s friends or other heroes begin worrying about this happening?

If you’re interested in writing about Slade Wilson and Gar Logan, either platonically or romantically, please go ahead. The conversation between Slade and Gar at the diner at the end of the Judas Contract was one of my favorites. I also liked how Gar was sorta-kinda Slade’s substitute son for a while. If you want, write about Gar being swayed or tempted to the dark side by Slade, or Gar’s friends or other heroes worrying about this happening.

Maybe an AU where Gar is the mole of the Judas Contract, and is either sleeping with Slade or just Slade is his adoptive dad, and then Gar falls for Dick or Vic, and decides to work with the Titans for real?

I also love Gar’s relationship with Steve Dayton, his adoptive father, and Questor, Steve’s assistant. Here are some ideas:

I’d really like to see a fic where Gar is sixteen and involved with the New Teen Titans, much to Steve’s disapproval. He’s still grieving for Rita and the Doom Patrol at this point, so maybe he feels betrayed that Gar’s managed to move past his grief and continue a life of being a hero?

Maybe a fic focusing on Steve trying to move past his grief to be a better father to Gar? I imagine Questor would be giving him a lot of encouragement.

Maybe fives times when Steve wasn’t able to put aside his own problems when Gar needed him, and the one time he did?

Alternatively, the New Teen Titans are in trouble, with no hope of rescue, but Steve shows up to bail them out.

Maybe Steve comforting Gar after Terra betrays the team?

Perhaps Gar admits to Steve about murdering Madame Rouge, and Steve reacts? Would he be horrified that Gar’s a murderer, or proud of him for taking vengeance?

I’d also like to see a fic where Steve has his act together and is just really proud of Gar for being a hero/helping run Dayton Industries.

I really like Gar/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Gar/Vic Stone (Cyborg). If you want to do a fic with Gar marrying/starting a family with one of them, and Steve being a proud dad or grandad, please go ahead.

Dick Grayson/Gar Logan

A fic with Gar killing Madame Rouge as he did in the comics and the rest of the team reacting to it. When Gar was sixteen years old, he killed Madame Rouge in a fit of madness, and immediately regretted his actions, denouncing the idea of murder as revenge. Yet even though most of his teammates, particularly Wally and Dick, would have had an issue with him killing someone, we never see their reactions, and it’s never really mentioned again. What do his teammates think? Is the Justice League more wary of him and deciding he needs to be assigned a mentor to monitor him? Maybe heroes unassociated with the League actually congratulate him on it, which upsets and confuses Gar?

Dick and Gar began working together when Gar was young, only sixteen, and Dick was several years older than him. Does Dick ever feel guilty or conflicted about involving a minor on the team when the rest of the Titans are adults?

Competence!kink: Gar runs around saving the world, stopping the bad guys, and impressing other heroes without missing a beat, while Dick is just proud and like, “That’s my boyfriend!”

Dick reflects on how Gar has strengthened and improved as a hero over the years. Gar is badass and suave.

Vic Stone/Gar Logan

I love that these two went from antagonizing each other to being very close, despite Gar being only sixteen to Vic’s nineteen. I think it’s interesting that Vic wonders about the origin of his friendship with Gar after seeing the uncle-nephew relationship of Gar and Robotman. I love that Gar was the one to rescue Vic during the Technis Imperative.

If you want to make Vic more techno-organic, as he is in the New 52, with him being able to switch between appearing as human and cyborg, and Gar able to shift into a regular person/regular animals, please feel free.

Ideas are the moment when one of them started to fall for the other, or sixteen-year-old Gar trying to woo nineteen-year-old Vic, who is determined to wait until Gar is legal, or Vic and Gar shacking up somewhere in the countryside and opening their home to be a sanctuary for traumatized/injured/exhausted heroes. If you like, you could write a fic where Gar and Vic are the “parents” of the Teen Titans household, with the Young Justice Four (Tim, Kon, Cassie, and Bart) as their “children,” and super fun Aunt Kory dropping by for dinner every so often. Or if you want to write a non-powered AU to this effect, I’d like to read that just as much.

If you want to go dark with this pairing, maybe the Justice League (or a single hero) decided to kill Vic during the Technis Imperative because he posed too great of a risk, and now Gar must cope with Vic’s loss while struggling with the knowledge that his friends supported the idea of killing his boyfriend/husband?

Thank you so much for reading my letter! I really appreciate you taking the time.
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