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 Some fans complain about certains cliches, calling them overdone, annoying, or simply a sign of bad writing. And yet, I still have a few I simply adore and will never get tired of, and I'm sure many others have their own favorites.

Harry Potter

- Draco is suddenly a ~misunderstood and sensitive~ soul, often with a tragic past and/or an abusive background. The realization of who Draco "really is" is the catalyst for Draco to be invited to join the Light/Order of the Phoenix/Dumbledore's Army and/or for Ron, Hermione and Harry to befriend him.

- Draco's eyes are now "silver" rather than their canon gray.

- Draco is part veela, or entirely a male veela.

The Lord of the Rings

- Legolas is revealed to have a dark secret of a tragic past that is revealed to the other Walkers during the question to destroy the one ring.

- Legolas gets hurt and then has to hide his injuries from the group because he doesn't want to delay the mission.

Criminal Minds

- Reid is revealed to have a dark/tragic past (noticing a pattern here?) that is revealed to the team through a case.

- Reid's dad resurfaces, and Reid or other gets to tell him off in epic fashion.

That's me. Does anyone else have some favorite fanfic cliches?


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