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1) At the end of the movie, Harley Quinn is reading some racy romance novel-- a harlequin romance novel.

2) I still love the scene when Batman rescues Harley from the water-- but what in the world was up with Bat's CPR methods? It doesn't look like rescue breathing-- it just looks like he was kissing her. The camera angle created some obscurity, though, so I can't help but wonder if Harley took a page from The Sandlot and pulled him into a kiss just for the lulz.

3) The chemical wedding scene was beautifully shot and had an excellent song with a unique arrangement-- "Gangsta" by Kehlani, Suicide Squad OST-- to accompany it. The music can also be heard in an earlier scene, where Joker is surrounded by knives.

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 Let's be clear: the script definitely had some questionable dialogue choices. But honestly, in terms of plot, I really don't think this movie is any weaker than Thor or The Avengers. In fact, the more familiar you are with Amanda Waller's character, the more the plot makes sense.

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 I walked into this movie not expecting to like it very much, so I was surprised to find the movie fun and engaging, though certainly not flawless.

To begin, here are two of my favorite Harley moments from the Batman cartoon, both from "Harley's Holiday."

Harley's day out.

Harley's return to Arkham.

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 I'll be honest about Descendants 2015: I liked a lot of the ideas, but not the execution. Obviously, time constraints are an issue, but the world-building felt very rushed and poorly thought out. However, I liked a lot of the characters and concepts introduced, so I am very happy Descendants was created.

Warning: discussion of non-con beneath the cut.

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