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 Well, with my rant on Riverdale's treatment of Kevin Keller out of the way, I suppose I should give my general opinion on the show.

Going by the first episode, it's okay. I'm not particularly impressed with it, mainly because of the treatment of Kevin, but I'm interested in it enough to give it another chance. If you're interested, the third episode airs tonight at 9pm EST on the CW.

Spoilers below!

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 Spoilers and rant ahead!

Let me tell you about a character in Archie Comics named Kevin Keller. He is my favorite Archie Comics character of all time, with Reggie and Betty tying for a close second. Introduced in 2010 as Archie Comics' first gay character, Kevin was welcomed to Riverdale with open arms, quickly becoming close friends with both Jughead and Veronica. He quickly became president of his class, and one of his first acts was to build a 9/11 memorial on the school grounds. A military brat who'd travelled around the world, Kevin was interested in journalism and comic books, ran track, frequently engaged in eating contests with Jughead, entered a Jeopardy-like game show on national television, worked as a lifeguard, and counselled a former bully of his who was going through a rough time at home.

Very few of his stories focused on being gay, with even fewer centered on homophobia; his sexuality was acknowledged and 99.5% of the time simply accepted without second thought. No one significant really thought it was any big deal that Kevin Keller liked boys. In Afterlife With Archie (the zombie apocalypse AU), while Kevin does endure some homophobia from Reggie, he's also a badass archer who routinely takes out zombies with just a bow and arrow.

That is to say, the Kevin Keller of the comics is a far cry from the catty gay stereotype who appears on Riverdale for the sole purpose of being the gay BFFs with whatever female character is standing nearby.

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If you have watched any significant amount of television in the past forty years, you probably will recognize a common stock plot for various sitcoms and dramas: Female Character falls for suddenly introduced Bad Boy and begins to wreak a path of rebellion to be with him. Her friends are concerned and try to stop her, but she continues, only so see the light at the end and return to the status quo. That 70's Show did this. Seventh Heaven did this. It was probably old news when Happy Days did it. Sometimes it appears literary form, such as in Runaway of the Sweet Valley High series.

No trend is too outdated and no cliche too overplayed for Archie Comics, so in 2007, they made an attempt at using this plot device as a dramatic tale to launch their new series. And while I love Archie in spite of its cheese and a lot of the time, for its cheese, even I'm questioning this one.

I have not read this particular story, but I want to get my hands on a copy, because it sounds positively LOLrarious. If your library offers Hoopla Digital Services, they have plenty of Archie stories available. (If your home library does not offer Hoopla, but another library in your county does, you might be able to switch your home library to that one and access the services. It's worth a shot.) Sadly, I have not been able to find this one on there, so I'll just be dissecting the summary from Wikipedia.

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