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This was my first year participating in Yuletide, and I had a blast writing fic. Beyond my assignment, I wrote eight treats. I can hardly wait for next year!

My Gift 

Title: If It Looks Like a Duck 
Author: destroythemeek
Fandom: The Mighty Ducks (Movies)
Summary: The Bash Brothers try to make Adam feel like a part of the team again. Post-D3. 
Paring: Fulton/Portman 

A lovely fic about Portman and Fulton trying to help Adam feel comfortable with the team again. The character interactions are wonderful, and the little details do a brilliant job of immersing you into the story.

My Assignment

Title: Redefining Life
Recip: reeby10
Fandom: Fantastic Four
Summary: Once Ben and Johnny began dating, it was the quiet moments that spoke the loudest.
Paring: Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

My Treats

Title: The Monster and the Matchstick
Recip: reeby10
Fandom: Fantastic Four
Summary: Ben is a lonely and depressed Alpha who has locked himself away after transforming into a monster. Johnny is a sharp-tongued and cynical Omega with a rough past and no-nonsense attitude. Together, they'll fall in love bicker a lot.
Paring: Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

Title: Just Rough Enough
Recip: reeby10
Fandom: Fantastic Four
Summary: PWP. Ben is reluctant to have sex with Johnny out of fear of accidentally hurting him, so Johnny makes it his mission to prove him wrong. But Ben might just be too big for him to take . . .
Paring: Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

Title: Rescue and Romance 
Recip: Minim Calibre
Fandom: Fantastic Four
Summary: Trapped in dire circumstances without much hope of escape, Johnny makes a confession to Ben.
Paring: Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

Title: I'll Be Fighting Crime for Christmas
Recip: fairy_tale_echo
Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary: A priceless painting has been stolen, and Agents Betty and Veronica are on the case!
Paring: Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge.

Title: Love is Blindness
Recip: alliterate
Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary:  Not a whole lot of people understand why Kevin is dating Jughead, but that's okay: they understand each other.
Paring: Kevin Keller/Jughead Jones

Title: Rockin' Around at Riverdale High
Recip: joanne_c
Fandom: Trixie Belden, Archie Comics
Summary:  What if the school the Bob-Whites visited in Happy Valley was not Rivervale High, but Riverdale High? An alternative perspective on Dot Murray and Jim's interactions in Iowa.
Paring: Trixie Belden/Jim Frayne, unrequited Dot Murray/Jim Frayne

Title: Slave of Duty
Recip: shihadchick
Fandom: Trixie Belden
Summary:  Dresden Files AU. The Bob-whites are one of the few holdouts still struggling against the ever encroaching forces of darkness, but sometimes, Honey wishes they didn't always have to be so noble.
Paring: Trixie Belden/Honey Wheeler

Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past
Recip: DoreyG
Fandom: Batman: The Animated Series, Suicide Squad
Summary: AU where Harley is a hero. Harleen Quinzel returns to Gotham, and Bruce must struggle to put aside past demons.
Paring: Batman/Harley Quinn
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